The Math of Ed Deform

Compare these recent copies from 2 FB pages. STOP SENATE BILL 6

40,067 likes · 510 talking about this  and now  Students First

67,913 likes · 300 talking about this.   Stop Senate Bill 6 is actually a site from years ago which rallied together folks opposed to a Jeb Bush initiative while Students First actively recruits at  this time.  Stop Senate Bill 6 had and has no financial backers  while Students First has deep pockets.  Stop Senate Bill 6 lost  some fans over the years while Students
First has been claiming over a million fans.  Hmmm..they sure are not posting or talking about it.  With 2/3 the fan base of Students First on a purely state issue, Stop Senate Bill 6 has 66% greater number of folks talking about it than does the national/50 states targeted Students First.  Where are the silent fans of Students first? There are about 930,000 of them. Could they be hiding along with the never discovered Florida parent groups wanting the parent trigger?  I can understand the desire to distance oneself from selling our nations’s kids minds to the lowest bidder.
Moving to a new comparison..
let’s add the number of fans on Jeb’s Foundation for Florida’s Future and Foundation for Excellence in Education…..Foundation for Excellence in Education

856 likes · 36 talking about this
Now for Jeb’s other foundation, the Foundation for Florida’s Future..Foundation for Florida’s Future

317 likes · 8 talking about this · 7 were here  That looks like 1173 total fans with 44 folks talking about it.  Hmmmm.  Last I remembered, the word majority meant having the greater number. Some believe  Jeb’s foundations run education policy in the state ..with out a majority.  Does ALEC have a mathematical superpower able to override the democratic principles of majority rule?  Why and how? Ask Jeb  Bush and Michelle Rhee how that works…my teacher never taught me that.
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